This Week


20.1°C at 02:00:57 PM (Tuesday)


7.3°C at 06:00:00 AM (Wednesday)

Coldest with Wind Chill:

7.3°C at 06:05:00 AM (Wednesday)

High Humidity:

96% at 07:40:45 AM (Wednesday)

Low Humidity:

47% at 02:20:12 PM (Tuesday)

Total Rain:

3.4 mm

Heaviest Rain:

65.8 mm/hr at 11:14:51 AM (Monday)

High Wind:

27 km/h from 263° (W) at 05:10:00 PM (Monday)

Average Wind:

3 km/h from 261° (W)

High UV:

3.9 at 12:58:36 PM (Monday)

High Radiation:

960 W/m² at 02:41:47 PM (Monday)

High Illuminance:

112042.000000 at 02:23:07 PM (Monday)

High AQI:

N/A at N/A

Low AQI:

N/A at N/A

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